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Homelessness solutions in Central and Eastern Europe are based on emergency and temporary services, but evidence shows that these types of services are expensive, short-term and don’t end homelessness.

In contrast, evidence from small housing-led programmes in the region shows that these approaches are effective at solving homelessness, by quickly providing safe and stable homes to anyone experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

To catalyse a change to a housing-led model in Central and Eastern Europe, we announced in March 2023 that World Habitat had commissioned an independent feasibility study to explore the barriers, challenges, and opportunities of implementing a housing-led approach in this region.

Our feasibility study ‘Ending Homelessness in Central and Eastern Europe: Making the shift to a housing-led system‘ launched on Monday 18th September at a free online event, which you can watch back on our YouTube channel or access the study, findings, key recommendations and useful supporting information and data.

Who was the event for?

  • NGOs, municipalities and political decision-makers interested in implementing or scaling up housing-led approaches
    Policy-makers across the Central and Eastern European region working on strategic housing and/or homelessness plans
  • Funders/foundations supporting housing-led programmes

Speaking at this event:

  • Nóra Teller and Balázs Váradi from The Metropolitan Research Institute and The Budapest Institute who will be sharing key findings and recommendations from the report
  • Arturo Coego from The Housing First Europe Hub, who will be discussing the case for housing-led approaches in Europe
  • Practitioners from Central and Eastern Europe delivering housing-led initiatives, along with local government officials and policy makers dedicated to driving transformative change towards a housing-led strategy within the region.

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