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The community-led housing (CLH) programme supports the community-led housing sector to increase the knowledge and capacity needed to ensure that housing is created by and for communities around the world. Additionally, it focuses on achieving proof of concept for three specific contexts: informal settlements, former refugee camps, and heavily privatised markets after the collapse of the Eastern Bloc.

To achieve this, World Habitat has developed a series of partnerships which are centered around shared goals with actors in Brazil, Bangladesh, Central and Southeastern Europe, and at a global level. We work with each partner to define shared outcomes, which are then delivered through a mix of small grants, guidance from the World Habitat team, and exChange activities with experts in the field. The exChange activities can take different forms, but generally involve training and workshops to foster the sharing of knowledge and to support organisations in accessing the technical expertise needed to advance their projects.

Through our collaborations, we aim for:

  • partner projects to achieve significant milestones to advance towards delivering/securing community homes, focusing on areas where community-led housing can add significant value
  • to develop resources and tools that help community-led projects to move from concept to delivery of housing/securing tenure
  • to create more peer-to-peer connections and opportunities to exChange and network amongst community-led housing organisations.

We are currently not seeking new partnerships for the programme, but you if would like to keep up to up to date about new opportunities sign up to our newsletter here or follow us on Twitter.

The CLH Programme is aiming to:

  • boost the development of environmentally responsible housing,
  • greatly encourage responses to the effects of climate change in terms of adaptation, resilience and preventing disaster displacement, while improving diversity and inclusion in the sector.

If your work focuses on these two areas please get in touch with us at

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